GREUH Liberation Wikia

To help you succeed in your endeavors, you have a construction capability that allow you to deploy units, vehicles, defenses, fortifications and so on. Depending on your resources of course.

The construction system will be available when you are within 100 meters of a FOB headquarters. A contextual option will appear then.

At any FOB you can build. (aim at the FOB and scroll)

2015-09-22 00001.jpg

Keep an eye on your resources while building ;)

2015-09-22 00002.jpg

most Build tabs are self explainatory (friendly ai, vehicles, choppers, ..)

the last 2 require extra info


These are Free structure to reinforce your FOB. (limited range around the base)

2015-09-22 00003.jpg


lots of utility stuff

2015-09-22 00004.jpg

special notes in this section for:

  • Mobile respawn: Special truck where you can respawn at and can get Weapons. very handy. park it close to your objective in a safe spot.
  • FOB container: for building another FOB
  • Huron Ammo Container: Resupply ammunition to your vehicles/choppers.