GREUH Liberation Wikia

When a player uses the commander slot (the last slot of the player list), they get access to a Zeus interface by pressing the corresponding key (U by default) (for some Y button). Here they can give orders to friendly AI. (can't place/move objects)

This interface allows to command NATO forces in 3d view or map view.

Moreover the commander gets additional build options that will allow them to obtain crewed vehicles or entire pre-made squads. (see the extra menu on the FOB)

This role is not mandatory, but strongly recommended for smaller groups of players.


  • In zeus you can order AI to move by selecting the unit or squad and right click on a location while holdin 'CTRL' button
  • You can order an AI to drive an HEMTT Transport to pickup ammo crates. (you still have to load them, but they can do the driving. you just fly over when they arive)