Altis Liberation Edit

This mission is still under active development (Beta). The main location to follow dev is the BI Forum thread:

Main Mission Thread page

The feature/bugfix Roadmap can be found on Trello (login and vote for the feature you want!) and the forum.

Everyone can help by :

  • Give feedback (on forum)
  • Testing / Playing the mission (if you see issues, see How to report a bug)
  • Help on scripting. Fork the Github and submit a pull request when you have a feature/improvement ready
  • Help others getting started.
  • Port the mission to new maps. (see How to port liberation to a new map) Let us know and we will add it to the list below.

Alternative maps Edit

We are currently working on porting it to these maps.

(These are not as well tested as Altis. If you are starting out, please first try out Altis! )

Bornholm Edit

First version available here Download

Required Mod: Bornholm Map

Same optional mods as Altis are supported

Issues / ideas / improvements on this particular port can be submitted here.

2015-10-24 14 00 39-2015-10-24 00003-2

Takistan Edit

Still under development

(still todo: Add FOB & Battelgroup spawnpoints, Correct all Labels, Add TallibanFigthers Mod AI, Test ...)


2015-10-27 22 54 12-2015-10-27 00001 2

Australia Edit

Development currently on hold


2015-10-18 00001

Esseker Edit

Development just started


2015-10-28 23 31 37-2015-10-28 000012

Mods Edit

We get a lot of questions like 'does it support this mod?'

and often we have to answer

'It depends. We have not tested it. read the mod dev installation notes and try it out. let us know what you find thanks'.

But some mods we have tried (and support). read on:

Supported Optional mods Edit

We also run mods on our liberation servers and we can currently actively support the Optional mods listed here. these work well.

ACE3 Mod Edit

Many have requested a version with ACE Medical system instead of the FAR revive system. Currently we don't actively maintain such Liberation port. Because ACE has so many possible option combinations that its impossible to have a version that fits everyone. In the end people, open up the mission file in the editor and tune ACE to their needs.

Bramjam made a Port that is ONLY meant as a base / kickstart for your mission. You can find it here.

You can do ACE Option tweaking by

  1. unpack the .pbo file (like with PBOmanager)
  2. open de mission file in Arma editor
  3. edit the ACE Modules that are situated next to the spawn locations
  4. 'Save as' -> 'Export to multiplayer' to get the new .pbo file


We have no experience with it and we would love hear the findings from people who test it out.