You have several options to learn the basics

  1. Checkout the in game tutorial
  2. (many thanks to Phlonk for making this tutorial video)
  3. Read on here

Your First FOB Edit

You begin the campaign in a safe zone that CSAT won't dare to attack. Your first choice is to choose where you want to deploy. At the beginning you can only deploy at the starting base, but as you progress, more options will become available such as forward operation bases (FOBs) and mobile respawns.

At your starting location you can choose your equipment from a complete Arsenal. You will also find your first FOB packaged inside a container, the Spartan-01 Huron and a few other transport choppers.

You will have to ferry that container with either the Huron or Ghosthawk (unless you have chosen to start with the first FOB already built). You can deploy this first FOB wherever you want, so it's up to you to choose the right place to start your campaign.

(picking up the container with 'right-CTRL + b' to bring up the tow circles and double 'R' once above it to attache the ropes)

We suggest place the FOB at least 1 Km away from any objective. (your 1st FOB should always be a safe Fallback. you may not lose it)

2015-09-26 00001
2015-09-26 00002

Your first Objective Edit

Suggest you try to capture a small town or a radio tower first. (Military bases might be to hard at this point)

see Objectives - Sectors to see how to recognize the objectives.

Use the Huron as mobile spawn point in case you die. So you can re spawn close to your objective. (just park it on a safe spot close)

The Huron also allows access to the arsenal!

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