Objectives Edit

The main objective of the campaign is to kick CSAT out of Altis.

To achieve this, you will have to liberate the 7 major towns on the island: Kavala, Athira, Pyrgos, Agios Dionysios, Zaros, Paros and Molos. This is the only victory condition for the campaign

But those cities are tough nuts to crack with only limited resources and a well established CSAT.

To succeed, you will have to capture a large number of different sectors, each with their own use.

(you will sometimes have to do Secondary objectives to lower the enemies strength)

Sectors Edit

Sectors are split into 5 different types:

  • Points of interest: generally small to medium towns, each point of interest you control will raise your troop recruitment capacity.
  • Military bases: full of CSAT personnel, the bases will also yield large quantities of ammunition that will be useful to upgrade your firepower. However these installations are heavily defended and will require large and well coordinated assaults. some military bases will unlock a vehicle upon capture. (see marker above the base to see what the base will unlock ). (see Resources for more info on the ammo supplies)
  • Factories: factories will give you the fuel you need to deploy more vehicles.
  • Radio towers: when under CSAT control, radio towers will be used to call in reinforcements when a nearby sector is attacked. The reaction time will depend on the distance between the tower and the sector. When under NATO control, the towers will give useful information on hostile troop movements in the vicinity by using their radio communications (marked with red exclamation marks on map). (See Mechanics for more information)
  • Major cities: there are seven of them: Kevala, Athira, Pyrgos, Agios Dionysios, Zaros, Paros and Molos. When all of the cities are under NATO control, you win.
How to recognize the different types of sectors: