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Manpower upkeep (Green) Edit

Capture villages to enlarge your manpower.

Manpower is linked to the number of points of interest (villages) you control. A bigger manpower allows you to raise the quality and quantity of your ground troops. (mostly AI troops. but also some utility objects like mobile spawn points)

(This is a usage cap / upkeep system, so if all the Friendly AI dies the manpower is freed up)

Ammunition (Red) Edit

Capture and maintain Military bases

Ammunition is used to deploy armed vehicles, tanks and elite soldiers. It can be stocked forever and used only when necessary. Ammunition is contained in boxes that can be retrieved from military bases. Those crates have to be moved back to a FOB by truck or sling load, then recycled to increase your ammunition stockpile (menu option).

These Ammo boxes will be on every military base you capture and will re spawn/resupply on regular intervals. (Keep an eye on the map for the 'Vehicle Ammo' markers)

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You can transport these by towing with helicopter (like the hummingbird). or load them in a HEMTT open transport or a Huron (can carry up to 3 crates at a time).

Ammo is the hardest resource to get, so use it wisely!

If you accidentally bought something or you want to get back some of the ammo for a vehicle, when its near an FOB you can Recycle it to get a large portion of the ammo refunded)

(Guns, launchers and other arsenal items do not consume any ammo,)

Fuel upkeep (Yellow) Edit

Capture and maintain Factories to enlarge your fuel upkeep

Fuel is used by every vehicle, some being more thirsty than others. The fuel levels depends on how many factories are controlled by NATO forces.

(This is a usage cap / upkeep system, so if all the Vehicles are destroyed/recycled the fuel is freed up)

Person limit (White) Edit

(Players + friendly AI) limit, linked to the number of villages you control. up to the hard limit of 80.

(This limit is there for performance reasons)

CSAT Alert level (Exclamation mark) Edit

The higher the number the more aggressive CSAT will be towards you (see secondary objectives for how to lower this )

The CSAT won't let you liberate all of its brand new territory without reacting. When you begin the campaign, hostile forces will only be composed of the garrisons inside military bases. However as you become more threatening by liberating more and more sectors, the CSAT will start calling in more reinforcements, men and equipment to counter you.

To limit the CSAT's operational capabilities, you will have to fulfil secondary objectives that will consist of destroying their logistics bases. This is not required to win the campaign, but if you ignore the alert level for too long, you're in for quite a lot of trouble.

(also checkout Alert level Mechanics)