(a massive overhaul is planned for this system in the future, for details see Trello)

When you capture sectors, sometimes the last few hostiles forces left will surrender. You can then capture prisoners and take them back to a nearby FOB for interrogation.

That interrogatory, executed in the utmost respect of the Geneva conventions, will allow you to obtain more or less precise information about the position of a CSAT logistics base.

(interrogation happens automatically when the prisoners get near FOB)

Enemy fob

(Enemy FOB can be anywhere in this marked area. You will recognize from the a square of H-Barriers containing an Bunker and multiple Vehicles)

After going there you will need to find the exact position of your target, then use any means at your disposal to destroy every vehicle or container that could be useful to refill CSAT forces.

Succeeding at this task will reduce the alert level consequently, and with it the Strength and numbers of all hostile forces.

(sometimes there is an abandoned armed Ifrit that does not have to be destroyed and can be used as escape vehicle!)

TODO: ADD screenshots of FOB's

example of FOBs: (already destroyed all the vehicles and containers)

2015-10-03 00011
2015-10-03 00013
2015-11-29 19 27 26-2015-11-11 00001 2
2015-11-17 00001